1. The Journal receives and accepts only the researches and studies which are in an agreement with the fields and trends of the Journal and its specialization restrictively

2. The research being presented to the Journal should not be issued or registered in any other previous Journals, but it should be issued for the first time.

3. The researcher should adopt the required Instructions of the Journal including and covering the process of paying the demanded money for the requirements of issuing such as, the electronic and paper distribution and for the use of the research by the Journal.

4. The number of the pages of the research should not be more than fifteen pages.

5. All the researches should be sent through the electronic mail of the Journal.

6. The research should be written by the word program and (A4) size at two separate poles leaving a distance at 2cm for the four sides of paper and research should be written in the form "Times New Roman of (11) in size.

7. The researcher should preset an abstract in English language on an ordinary sheet of papers and it should not be more than (250) words.

8. The first page of the research should contain the following points or items: ➢ The title of the research. ➢ The authors name or the authors names, their official directorates and addresses and their city ZIP codes. ➢ The electronic mail for the author or the authors respectively. ➢ The abstract. ➢ The symbolic and semantic words or abbreviations.

9. The title of the research should be written in the middle of the sheet with (Time New Roman) with a size of 12 Bold type.

10. The name(s) of the author or authors should be written in the middle of the sheet (paper) (Times New Roman) with a size of 11 bold.

11. The names and titles of the author(s) specifically their official directorates in (Times New Roman) type with 11 bold type of writing.

12. The electronic mails of the author(s) should be written with a bold type of writing which is (Times New Roman) with 11 bold type.

13. The abstract of the research should be written with (Times New Roman) with 11 bold type size, Italic.

14. The abbreviations should be written with (Times New Roman) of 11 bold size Italic, Justify.

15. The addresses of the author (s) should be as follows: (the Department, the college, the university, the city, the country, without any kind of abbreviations.

16. Actually, to be so far away from the abbreviations, and recitations in the process of writing of any academic humanitarian and scientific researches.

17. The names of the author (s) should never be written or referred to within the body of the research.

18. The name and the title of any shape or figure must be written below whereas the title and the name of the table should be written above the table.

19. The pictures, sketches, and drawings should be colorful, and clear being associated with a high level of accuracy and being placed within a square without using any stands.

20. The names of the references or sources should be written at the end of the meant research or what is called (the bibliography) with a full and complete form of the reference used within the body of the research. Methodologically speaking, the references should be arranged numerically according to Vancouver.

21. All the studies which are used in the citation process within the body of the research, i.e. the tables, pictures … etc., should be mentioned within the list of references or sources of the bibliography.

22. The author(s) should be consistent and fixed and they should keep the rules and principles of writing any academic research and not to private to ward both personal and financial relations which can be interpreted on the negative side of the adopted restrictions. VIII Kut University College Journal K.U.C.J I