Keywords : GDP

Measuring and Analyzing the Impact of Net Exports on Economic Growth in Iraq: A study for the Period of 2000-2018

Sami Awad; Ahmed Abdulrazaq Abdulrudha; Rasha Kahled

Alkut university college journal, 2020, Volume 5, Issue 1, Pages 100-108

Abstract: The research aims to estimate the impact of exports on the economic growth of Iraq, as previous studies are still controversial about the relationship between export performance and economic growth, especially in the analysis of time series, so this study used time series data for the period 2000-2018 to estimate the relationship . ARDL estimate is used To diagnose this relationship, the data series were chosen on the basis of data availability as the results of the investigation showed a positive long-term relationship between economic growth and export performance, this research confirms the use of the necessary measures to increase the export of products with added value to the Iraqi economy.