Keywords : Waste Water

Selecting the Best Location for Wastewater Treatment Station by Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information System

Salih Suliman Kshash

Alkut university college journal, 2019, Volume 4, Issue 2, Pages 1-14

With the increase in urbanization and degradation of the urban environment, sanitation is becoming a predominant challenge within the short run. High-resolution satellite imagery gives the first conception of polluted drainage sites, whether by the river or in residential areas. This helps in studying the seriousness of pollutants and their causes. The main objective of this research was to evaluate the pollutants in wastewaters received at pump stations in Al-Kut city in Wasit governorate, Iraq by using GIS data and techniques. . These were in addition to, evaluating the quality of sewer network in one of the highly polluted areas and propose the most suitable location for the establishment of a wastewater treatment unit. Collected three samples of water in the following months: February, March and April in 2017. Samples were analyzed for (BOD, COD, PO4-, NO2-, NO3-, TDS, TSS, H2S, and EC). The spatial distribution of these pollutants within the studied area was carried out using Ordinary Kriging (OK). The results revealed an increase in the concentrations of the studied pollutants when compared with Iraqi standards. The mean concentrations were: 247.54, 8.96, 0.59, 2.92, 1557.58, 232.79, 21.55, 2164.58, and 283.63 mg l-1 for BOD, PO4-, NO2-, NO3-, TDS, TSS, H2S, EC and COD, respectively.The results revealed that the sewer network in Al-Anwar area complies with the international standards regarding to pipe slopes and flow velocity. Finally, a multi-criteria model was also used to propose the most suitable location for the establishment of a treatment unit in Al-Kut city. That model took into account the type of land use, wind direction, and proximity to main sewer lines, main streets, electricity lines and residential areas. It was found that the location in the east side of the city has the best conditions for establishing that waste water treatment unit.