Keywords : Cognitive resources leakage

The Impact of Sharing Returns in Reducing the Level of Cognitive Resources Leakage – Analytical Study

Hussain Najib Mohammed Al Rubaiawi; Sumaya Abbas Al Rubaiayi

Alkut university college journal, 2020, Volume 5, Issue 2, Pages 1-16

The current research aims to show the impact at participation of sharing returns in reducing the level of cognitive resources leakage in its dimensions (job satisfaction and organized commitment). It has been chosen the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research - the ministry center to be the field of the research. The research community was identified as (402) teaching staff. The size of the research sample (208) teaching staff representing the knowledge resources. The problem of the research is the weakness of the manager's perception in the importance of preserving and adopting knowledge resources administrative methods that reduce the level of leakage from universities. the two researchers depend on the new method and dimensional analysis as being an overall method. Also, the tow researchers use the questionnaire as basic method in collecting data and information concerning research. Besides they we personal interviews and diagnosis the actual reality of the target ministry. The two researchers peruse to choose the hypothesis of study (relationship of influence). By using set of methods and statical metrics. The two researchers reach to the result among them, that there is general agreement at what the supreme administration confirms on, about the weakness in sharing returns despite the leadership realizes that. In add ion to that, there is no clear technique that has been depended in recognizing the cognitive resources in the field of performance. Hence, the supreme administration must have great attention in sharing returns, which it has great influence in reducing the level of cognitive resources leakage. As well as Adopt a clear mechanism to encourage knowledge resources that depend on individual differences and their effort.